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Introducing Power Mate Residential Solution

South Africa is facing the worst load-shedding in its history, leaving many people reliant on backup power solutions to keep the lights on.

Thankfully, Huawei offers an impressive range of backup power devices – including batteries and inverters – that provide a stable and guaranteed supply of electricity. Huawei’s FusionSolar Smart Residential Inverter in particular is a great solution that is designed to help homes escape load-shedding and drive down the cost of their electricity bills.

It uses the latest technology to provide superior power management in combination with your solar system and battery backup solution – ultimately giving you access to more usable power thanks to improved energy optimisation. It also comes in a range of capacities, including units with 5kW, 6kW, and 8kW outputs, and these are all compatible with single-phase or three-phase power connections.

Huawei's Power Mate All-in-One Solution

Huawei’s FusionSolar inverters then work best when paired with the company’s iSitePower-M backup kits – which comprise a Huawei Luna ESS Power Module and up to three 5kW iSitePower-M Battery units.

The Huawei iSitePower-M 5kW single-phase backup system with 15kW of power storage is particularly popular, as its 5kW output and 25.8A current will let you power your entire home during load-shedding.

You also don’t have to worry about finding a space in your home for your Huawei UPS system, thanks to its IP66 rating. This means it can be safely installed outside and will handle the elements without any concerns. Additionally, because this is a smart system, you can monitor your consumption wirelessly from your smartphone using a simple-to-use interface. This is handy for users who often move between their home and the office, and need to keep of their system’s availability at all times.

Getting a complete backup power solution in South Africa has never been easier thanks to Huawei’s incredible UPS systems, so click here to find out more and keep the lights on this festive season.

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